Pay More Attention

Deptford Broadway, Lewisham

It has been confirmed that this is NOT the first sighting of the well-loved London institution Morleys but is, in fact, a MOWLEYS. Thanks ellio100 for alerting me to this oversight of judgement.

…it also explains why – unsurprisingly – ChickenLittle was correct when she read the names as “Mowleys”.

First spotting of Morleys to come. More spottings of Mowleys to come.

p.s I am a tiny bit embarrassed.

9 thoughts on “Pay More Attention

  1. A *South* London institution, for sure… in all my travels the only branches I’ve seen outside the area are in Westcliff-on-Sea (Sarfend) and Highams Park..the East London splinter!

  2. That’s “Mowley’s”! There are a whole bunch of fried chicken shops that have given themselves names similar to Morley’s: “Perfect Morley” is one of my favourites for its sheer cheek!

      • Apologies, I didn’t mean to cause you embarrassment! After all, it’s probably what the proprieters were hoping would happen!
        I can’t quite remember where Perfect Morley is, I have a feeling its either Brockley Cross or Brockley rise but I’m not certain – I’ll let you know when I remember/stumble accross it again. I had a quick streetview peruse of the roads and was reminded of ‘Bertie Rooster’ (on Brockley Rise) which is one of the most distinctive fried chicken shop names I’ve noticed!

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