A Chicken Institution

Walworth Road

The first of many..?

2 thoughts on “A Chicken Institution

  1. Really enjoying you blog – two places on here that I’ve lived either above (yuck) or very near to. I’d know each one anywhere. I hope you don’t mind but I was going to put something on my blog about your site. Also can I recommend ‘Fantastic Morley’s’, a not-even-a-Morley’s on the South Circular between Forest Hill and Catford.

    • I’m really pleased to hear you’re enjoying this, so thanks. Any extra endorsements are more than welcome, would love to be mentioned on your blog 🙂

      Forest Hill sounds like it’s going to be a small treasure trove, so I’m looking forward to heading down there soon – I’ll let you know as soon as “Fantastic Morley’s” has been recorded!

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