Chicken in a box

What’s this all about then?

Inspired by myriad journeys on the 453, this project aims to document all (yes, all) the fried chicken shops that make up an integral part of South (& North, East, possibly even West) London and to address the questions that lie therein.

Initially conceived in 2009, it’s taken until now to get this project underway (bar an unfortunate phone theft on Peckham High St that meant I lost all my photos) and – this is really important – is in no way influenced by or aiming to copy Siaron Hughes excellent project “Chicken:Low Art, High Calorie” from around the same time. In fact, it wasn’t until recently that I discovered this (and had to come to terms with huge disappointment when I discovered she’d already met Mr Chicken) but, like they say, great minds think alike.

The Rules

  1. The shops must predominantly sell chicken.
  2. The shops must be in South London.

That’s it


This blog will not include any chicken shops that are part of global chains. Sorry, KFC.

The project may well extend beyond South London evetually, but the original concept was and remains to focus on the South.


If you would like to contact me with comments or suggestions, please email southernfriedlondon@gmail.com or follow @southfriedlndn on Twitter.

If you prefer, there’s also an obligatory Facebook page with a very small following.

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