Where do you think you’ve been, eh?

All right, all right, stop your hollering, I know it’s been while. Well, more than a while. But it’s ok, I’m back! The chicken shops are still there and they’re even more of a cultural phenomenon than ever. What have we missed? The Chicken Cottage awards, for one thing*..


..and countless odes to chicken..


and even a bona fide documentary on Channel 4 (slightly perturbed by this, to be honest. That’ll teach me for going AWOL)


So now I make a solemn promise to you that I will continue to bring you the chicken shops of South London, and not rest until the quest is complete.

In the words of Logan Mac, how do you want it? I want it fried.

*I haven’t managed to watch all 12 minutes of this.

Some (more) news

Those kind people at the South London Press have given us another namecheck in the paper today. Page two, no less!

I guess this was to avoid any unfortunate page three / (chicken) breast jokes.

…or that fact that this regular feature always runs on page two.

My only regret is that I didn’t lie about my age.

Some news (literally)

Last week a reporter at the South London Press got wind of Southern Fried London and decided it would make a nice addition to the paper. I am a little bit chuffed that it’s been considered newsworthy.

Thanks to Transpontine for featuring the blog last week and bringing it to their attention – and John & Simon for the words and photo.

Welcome to the Fryer

Chicken in a box

Photo by Robyn Lee, USA

What’s this all about then?

Inspired by myriad journeys on the 453 up and down Old Kent Road, this project aims to document the fried chicken shops that make up an integral part of South (and North, East and possibly even West) London, and address the questions that lie therein.

The Rules

The shops must predominantly sell chicken.

And be in London.

That’s it.

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