Guess what?

Stockwell Road

How many are we on now? Think it’s time to give Morley’s HQ a call.


Stockwell Road

Imagine my excitement – two for the price of one (even if one is shut)

Let’s all meet up in the year 2000

Stockwell Road

Tiny bit jealous of the students (they must be students?) who get to call this their garden.

(And if you know them, please get in touch)

Oh look, there’s More

Brixton Road

This one has a dash of debonair with the tartan detailing.

Another Favourite?

Brixton Road

Must be heading into Favorite territory.

…plus what?

Deptford High Street

Top marks to Chicken Plus.

No. 1 Favourite

Deptford High Street

..and a particularly wonky roof.

A is for Awesome?

Peckham Park Road

A IS for awesome: I particulalry liked this friendly chap and his louche pose.

Some (more) news

Those kind people at the South London Press have given us another namecheck in the paper today. Page two, no less!

I guess this was to avoid any unfortunate page three / (chicken) breast jokes.

…or that fact that this regular feature always runs on page two.

My only regret is that I didn’t lie about my age.

King of Them All

Old Kent Road

Yes, I can confirm that this is one of my very favourite examples.

I’d like to find out if this was deisgned specifically for the (mini) rooster chain or if it’s something that’s been borrowed from elsewehere.

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