Perfect Me

Old Kent Road

South London definitely has a lot of perfect chicken to offer.

(Map of perfection in progress.)

J R’s Favourite ?

Walworth Road

I’ve always been quite fond of a chicken in a jaunty stetson.

Trixie Dixie

Walworth Road

Completely out of Dixie references, but here is the 3rd example of the Dixie Chicken. A contender for most popular chicken shop name? Let’s get counting.

A Chicken Institution

Walworth Road

The first of many..?

Some news (literally)

Last week a reporter at the South London Press got wind of Southern Fried London and decided it would make a nice addition to the paper. I am a little bit chuffed that it’s been considered newsworthy.

Thanks to Transpontine for featuring the blog last week and bringing it to their attention – and John & Simon for the words and photo.

Father & Son

Elephant & Castle

A familiar sight right next to E & C station, this looks like it’s one of the oldest chicken shops around. Am I right? Investigation #4 underway.

Boy, all these investigations are going to keep me busy.

Cooped Up?

Peckham Road / Denmark Hill

Get yourself down to Camberwell.

Mmm … Morley’s

Peckham Road/Denmark Hill

You wouldn’t believe how long I had to wait to get this picture:  it was a very.long.time.

I suspect this Morley’s is a rather popular one (and let me know if you frequent it).

Little Feat

Peckham Road

The second Dixie Chicken I’ve found so far.

How many more fans of this will I find?

Roaring Success

Queens Road, Peckham

I admit it: Lions is a personal favourite, because it’s one of the shops I’ve seen most often over the years.

Hands up if you agree.

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