Everyone Loves Dixy Chicks

New Cross Road

Dixy Chicken is no more. This is my homage to a classic example of the chicken shops we know and love.

Pay More Attention

Deptford Broadway, Lewisham

It has been confirmed that this is NOT the first sighting of the well-loved London institution Morleys but is, in fact, a MOWLEYS. Thanks ellio100 for alerting me to this oversight of judgement.

…it also explains why – unsurprisingly – ChickenLittle was correct when she read the names as “Mowleys”.

First spotting of Morleys to come. More spottings of Mowleys to come.

p.s I am a tiny bit embarrassed.

Full of Promise

Deptford Broadway, Lewisham

Like Real Taste before it, London Kebab insists on resisting the true chicken vocation.

However, we are (luckily) smart enough to notice its potential Рwhy else would they have placed two different chickens slap bang in the middle of their signage?

Let’s Get Fancy

Deptford Broadway, Lewisham

I can only imagine how cool this place is at night with all it’s neon signs and classy spotlights. Maybe I will go buy chips there one day.

I bet they’d be equally classy chips.

(I’m really not being cheeky)

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